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    Shower Buddy

    The Showerbuddy SB3T rolling shower chair is perfect for an accessible or roll-in wet area showers. The SB3T rolls over most toilets and offers a tilt which releases pressure for the user and improves comfort. The chair comes with a standard front opening cushion, swing away and removable...
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    My introduction to the group

    I don’t think there is such a thing as “past caregiver". I did not realize until the proverbial rug was pulled out beneath me. I am a mess. I landed in in a house with nowhere to turn without being reminded that it’s over. I wish it was that easy to move on, but it’s not. I’m gonna guess that...
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    My introduction to the group

    Greetings, My girlfriend/wife was diagnosed with ALS in 2018. I remember the first time we sought for answers. Tripping over door mats and slurred speech. We went to a neurologist and he referred us to another one. We had now landed in an ALS clinic. I told Laurie that she was not cool enough to...