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    how to choose equipment question

    thanks Great! I'll get him something to help with the tense muscles. I'll contact the local MDA about magazines and equipment. That is good advice. At this time, I'm beginning to do the buttoning. but, I figured the longer he was self-reliant--the better for his ego. thanks
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    limb to bulbar symptoms?

    reference to a bipap Hi Al, You responded that you are on a bipap. What is that? When does one need it?
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    how to choose equipment question

    Hi! I asked this question on one of my threads--but, realize it didn't really relate to my intro. So, hence, a new thread. My husband needs a button hook. What is a long term device that works?--I saw all these choices and wondered if for long term a bendy handle that can be wrapped around...
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    Just checking in/opps for any mistakes

    new question Hi all, I am looking for a button hook for my husband. I found one that looked good for now (thick handled--but, should I choose those bendy ones that wrap around the hand, instead? And is there a good, web company to order products from--good prices and honest? Nanometer
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    Just checking in/opps for any mistakes

    Hello, Trying to figure out how one correctly enters this forum. May be making some mistakes. I'm web-challenged. Does one keep making a new thread or add to their old thread or what? Can I respond to anyone's comments or are there rules of what is proper? I think
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    new member

    new today as well Hi , I just stumbled on this forum and it felt like a good day to join. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in June. I'm having trouble accepting that he is changing. Now, when he laughs-- I can't tell if is it because we are having a good time or is it just a impulse not...