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    My brother passed 7/18/09

    I don't post here much but thought I would share that my incredible big brother passed last night. I thought if I shared our experience it might help others to feel less anxiety when their or their family members time comes. Dennis's passing was so quick, very quick. Saturday morning he...
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    I think everyone has an idea of what is right and wrong for themselves which might not be the same from person to person. I also feel that if we are kind and loving enough to euthanize our pets when they are to the point of living without quality or drive then why can we not do it for our...
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    What do you do..

    Thank you Chantily. My brother isn't to the point of needing care at home but I am trying to be proactive. Your information was helpful. Also, we decided this weekend that instead of weekends with us he will come for at least a week at a time. This will give his wife a break and a week with...
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    What do you do..

    Beebee - could I ask about how much the aide was from the ALS foudation?
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    For those that have applied for Medicare disability - Once you applied how long did it take for money to start coming in? Is it retro'ed back to when you applied or do they give you a start date 5mo from application? How long did it take for Medicare A & B to start? I have read that the 2yr...
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    What do you do..

    What do you do for help while one spouse is working during the day? My brother will eventually need help at home while his wife works - what do you do to work around this? What did you find helps? Who did you contact? Expense? Ellie
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    question about hospice

    I live in Washington State. We have home hospice - the hospice nurse comes to your house on a regular schedule based on need and how close to death the patient is. Hospice also provides all meds. There are Hospice Care Centers which are for those that need more care than at home or for those...
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    What should I do

    How about having him guide you to your groom on the dancefloor similar to what if he walks you down the isle?
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    How Old is everyone in here?

    I am 38, my big brother with ALS is 50.
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    My brother.....

    My big brother also has ALS. His first symptoms were about 2yrs ago, actual diagnosis was this past fall. He also sounds as if he has been drinking, walks a bit like he has been drinking but overall his legs are strong, he is still working full time and walks all over the place. My brother...