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    How lobg have most members twitched on here

    The constant twitching makes all of us go crazy-- don't feel bad-- however-- I am able to still do curls and benchpress a fair amount of weight-- but get shakey when I do do them-- I have been twitching now for @ 9 months. Maybe the weakness is from not continuing to work out-- I think that is...
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    internal tremors

    I am experiencing the same thing and it is constant- I first noticed it in my legs and now it is in the legs and shoulders. Sometimes I actually see my arms shaking when I rest them on computer desk and use my mouse. I am going to get another EMG on friday-- I wonder if this will show up? Or...
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    Twitching and the long road to ALS diagnosis.

    You actually make me feel good about your post- being known as the mad twitcher of PA is no plesant nick name-- but if it is only BFS -- I will be very happy. Unfortunately I know there is something else wrong and I just hope I am not one of the rare presenting cases. G
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    Hi ZenArcher- I get occasional left side spasms/fasciculations that come and go at times in my neck-- They last a few seconds but nothing like you are depicting.. You may wanna call Dr S and see what he can do to relieve this-- It could be not just scary but serious if breathing is affected. G
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    Twitching question?

    Blizna-- I got the same type of answers that you have stated also-- There are so mony different variations to what on reads I am very sceptical of any doctors conclusions and suggestions. I can say my twitching continues and am scheduled for another EMG this friday on the right side of my body...
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    What happened to my access?

    Mine is out also-- G
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    Stem Cells

    I have recently heard of stem cell therpy utilizing ones own stem cells for clinical trial purposes. This was for MS research but nothing on this matter for ALS. You may want to contact the ALSA to see if this is being conducted. Be very sceptical of any other resource because fraud is rampid...
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    Just returned from EMG

    Blizna- Have you been diagnosed with anything as of yet? What are they actually saying the cause of the twitching is? G
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    Just returned from EMG

    It probably was not a good idea to take anything before the EMG that could reduce the twitching or fasciculations-- But with that said-- I stil have not found anything to stop them and I would feel that it looks pretty good that they did not find any abnormalities. G
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    In Limbo

    Sorry-- thought there was only 1 Rochester. G