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    My Dad

    My wonderful dad won his battle with ALS and went to be with Jesus last Saturday, December 2nd. He never gave up, he fought the good fight until the very end. I thought I would be a puddle on the floor but actually was able to get up and speak at his service on Wednesday. He would have been...
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    The Holidays

    Hi Angelgirl. I have been thinking about this same thing myself. Last Thanksgiving my dad had just had his diagnosis for about 2 months. He was able to eat some by grinding up the food, and still had some speech. We had a great time, kept up the traditions thinking it would probably be our...
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    New Diagnosis

    Greetings Fortune. I'm new to the site too and it's already helped me vent, and ramble. lol My dad was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in Sept '05 so I understand your difficulties. Today, I'm thanking you for being a teacher! I'm sure you have touched so many young people and God will...
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    In memory of my Dad

    Megs, I'm so very sorry about the passing of your dad. The "simple procedure" of the peg tube about whipped my dad too. He had one installed 5 weeks ago, it became abscessed within a week. It had to be pulled out and then another one installed the next week. He has lost 13 pounds and seems...
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    time to talk

    Hi Ms. Illini. I just found this forum a couple of nights ago and I already feel right at home and am just reading posts like crazee! I know you will feel the same connection, it's so special to actually talk to people that know what you are going through. I hope you had a good day today and...
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    Hi Liz. I'm so sorry that you are having to go on this difficult journey. I guess I would just like to reassure you that this is not your fault, you didn't choose this and nothing you did or didn't do, caused this. When my father was diagnosed last year, my 14 year old daughter whispered this...
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    New? Introduce Yourself - Say Hello

    Oh Al, good idea. Knowing how I am, I will probably miss the nail and give my thumb a good whack which in turn, would definetely give me something else to think about for awhile. :-D
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    My dad had said from the onset that he would not get a feeding tube. He continued saying that until he absolutely could not choke down anything, no matter how much thickener he used. So....he changed his mind and got the tube. That was 5 weeks ago and that "simple" little procedure almost...
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    ALS/PBP and Communication

    My dad has bulbar onset ALS so his speech and swallowing were effected immediately. He had been driving, going to church, shopping....pretty much doing alot of things, except being able to communicate by speech, until a few weeks ago. He does write some and has a Dynavox speaking device. I...
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    New? Introduce Yourself - Say Hello

    I'm a newbie I stumbled here last night and just after reading a few posts, I already feel like maybe I've found someplace to talk. My wonderful father was diagnosed Sept 30, 2005 with bulbar onset ALS and I feel like I've been through 410 days of constant grief. I feel like I have to be Miss...