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    A tough month

    Dear Charly, You are in no way prying...He was diagnosed four years ago, limb onset. He got his feeding tube a little over a year ago (just wanted to get it done and over with, he didn't need it at the time) that he now uses almost full-time since his chewing has gotten worse, and was vented...
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    A tough month

    Thanks Charly for the words of encouragement about my you know, there's so much stress and worry with this disease, but thank God we can be here for each other :wink: Many many hugs to you. Take care of you and your daughter and God bless you both.
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    A tough month

    So so sorry I'm so very sorry to read about the death of Donovan. My heart goes out to both you and your daughter. So sad that he leaves so many people who obviously love him behind, and yes, I believe that there are reasons for the suffering that so many people endure (I just wish I knew...
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    Have to say...

    ((((Oh jbird)))) Just want you to know that I'm thinking of you. I've never known of a pals with the frontal lobe dementia and can't imagine what you're going through with your husband. I know just dealing with the day to day aspects of ALS can be exhausting. And snowbird is right - be sure...
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    Feeding Tube

    MIC-KEY Button My husband had his feeding tube replaced with a MIC-KEY Button a few weeks after his procedure. He really prefers having this instead of having a tube taped to his belly. I found a good picture on this sight that shows what one looks like...
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    excessive coughing

    Re: Cough Assist
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    Just Been Diagnosed. My wife and I are devastated.

    I'll be happy to help or answer any questions I can. ALS turns your life upside down and no one should ever feel like they're alone and having to deal with everything on their own. :wink:
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    Just Been Diagnosed. My wife and I are devastated.

    My husband was 37 years old when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2001. We too were devastated, and I can understand where your hearts are. We too have 3 children. It's a TERRIFYING time, I know that and I will keep you in my prayers. My husband is now in a power chair full time and on a...