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    Worried about my symptoms

    Whatever you do DO NOT go to Stephan Scelsa at Beth Isreal.. if u have ALS you won't be diagniosed until you crippled and helpless
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    Worried about my symptoms

    I have the same symptoms plus others I have had through the years. Lately the have converged to be closer or happening at the same time. As of two years ago I do not have ALS. If I didn't have it then how could I have it now? The falling down was worse in 2004 and 2005. But what is worse is...
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    My Friend has had this problem. Maybe you can help rule out ALS :)

    Dear forum members Please call me “Relayer” I am autonomously posting for a friend of mine. In mid 1990s he started experiencing weakness in his left arm, and occasional twitching in his face and forearm. And, thereafter, walking to one side a weakness in the right knee but not a balance...