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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    Well alrighty then. PaulaB
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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    Yes i have diagnosed of als,,diagnosed was april 06 PaulaB
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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    jamie When they check my reflexes nothing moves,,so Jamie i would say brisk is good. PaulaB
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    I do have one question about atrophy...

    I would say i have dents as well as lack of muscles,,,in hands and arms anyway. If i was as talented as Al i could post some pictures. Perhaps i will try and figure out how. Does anyone know about web cams? I have built in one on new computer. PaulaB
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    Holding a Job with ALS

    your body will tell u when your done working. I had to stop right away,,i drove truck over the road. PaulaB
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    Curious about Symptoms

    pat u read my mind,,,appears to be denial in having als as well as not having als on this forum. PaulaB
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    Motorized wheelchair carriers

    van i vote van
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    need advise

    ty Thanks to all that replied. I love this group. PaulaB
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    need advise

    I have a ? OK i am not going to get feeding tube. My ? is,,,,in GODS eyes will this be looked at as suicide? Please help. PaulaB
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    CALS tiny victory

    whats dh and ds?