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    please help

    I have the same types of leg issues and I am so sorry that you had to endure such a night. The baclofen and tizanidine combination has finally given me more restful nights. I hope you find a combination of therapies that are helpful to you, because I do believe that it takes combinations of...
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    Information on "case manager" for insurance?

    Thanks for all of the responses. I am not yet, thankfully, into the big ticket items. But the clarification on how this might work with a case worker, is very helpful. Thanks again.
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    Information on "case manager" for insurance?

    The provider for my trilogy asked if I have a case manager with my insurance (Medicare Advantage Plan). Can anyone offer information on this as to whether pals should go this route? Or how this even works? I wanted to ask in the forum before inquiring with the insurance people. Thanks for...
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    Lost my Sharon.....😪

    I am very sorry for your loss. You are being kept in many thoughts.
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    you know what bugs me?

    My DH today tried to get me to understand his point of view about going to the pool: that it would help me with so many things. My reply was that yes, I understand, BUT it means I have to get into the swimsuit somehow, get to the pool dressing rooms (pretend to shower), then get in and out of...
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    you know what bugs me?

    When doctors took driving away from me, more than one neighbor said "oh, thank goodness she can't drive anymore!" Well, yes, SHE Can Drive but chooses to follow advice from her doctors, for her own safety and the safety of others. AND, she can still hear.
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    you know what bugs me?

    Wow. I finally found a section for ranting. I've actually had a person say to me "Oh, you haven't gone all Stephen Hawking yet?" because I can still sit upright. And I can still do a little cooking, sitting in my chair, and people will say to my husband (not me; guess I'm invisible), "You...
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    Driving with double drop foot?

    At my last clinic evaluation, I was, yet again, asked if I was still driving. The pt and ot had a series of tests that they put me through and the conclusion was that I should NOT be driving. I have double afo's and major spasticity, as well as foot drop. No one yet has mentioned the effects...
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    Diagnosed 12/20/2018

    As said already by several, so sorry to welcome you to the forum, but this site is the go-to source for information and encouragement, and empathy when needed. It is supportive and honest here, and no b.s. I am about to face my one year diagnosis anniversary. Probably wondering (and yes...