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    She is at peace

    Hello all, I posted a few days ago that I thought my mom was nearing the end of her battle and I was correct. She passed away this past Sunday at Mass General Hospital. We made the decision to give her comfort measures only, removed her bipap, and she passed less than 24 hours later. It was so...
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    Mother might be nearing the end

    Hello all, My mother has been living with ALS for nearly two years now. She has lost all ability to speak and only has use of the fingers on her left hand. I got a phone call tonight from my sister that my mom had likely died. My stepfather found her slumped over while on the toilet and...
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    Nuedexta and radicava

    My mother found out that she’ll be able to start radicava soon and Medicare is going to cover the entire cost! She also had a feeding tube put in last week at Mass General and it went well. She can still eat relatively normally but gets tired after a while and has lost a little weight. She...
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    Fast progression

    Hello to all, I posted recently in the Newly Diagnosed forum about my mother. Since she was diagnosed in early August, she seems to be progressing quicker than I expected. In 8 weeks she has gone from slight slurring of words and a small limp, to basically unintelligible speech and the need...
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    My mother’s diagnosis

    Hello to all, As I’m sure everyone here can understand, I never thought I would need to post on this forum. My only knowledge of ALS was through the ice bucket challenge! My 70 year old mother was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of August this year. I first noticed something wasn’t quite...