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    Flying free soon

    My husband who has ALS/FTD will be flying free soon and going home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He was diagnosed in May of last year. He has pneumonia and his lungs are completely full. It happened in a matter of hours. He’s resting comfortably now but had a rough day...
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    My PALS aspirated his yogurt a few days ago. This is our first trip to the ER because of this. They are doing breathing treatments and suction every four hours. Doing IV antibiotics. SATS staying around 90 until last night when he wouldn’t use his bipap and he was in the 80’s. My daughter came...
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    Doctors opinions on tracheostomy?

    My husband gets seen by the VA but they sent us to UT Southwestern to the pulmonologist to get a sleep study and orders for a cough assist and Trilogy. They are also the ones who are going to do the PEG tube. We had our first appointment there a couple of days ago. Towards the end of our...
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    New here

    My PALS was diagnosed in May with ALS and FTD. Our family I had just been trying to digest the news. We’ve known something was wrong since the beginning of last year. The FTD started first and he didn’t get any physical symptoms until around Christmas when he started choking on liquids every...
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    Question about MIP and MEP

    Hello, my PALS was diagnosed in May and today had his 2nd ALS clinic visit at Texas Neurology. I’m just not understanding the respiratory numbers. His first visit in July the respiratory therapist said his MIP was -30 and MEP was 93. Today she said he was at -11 for MIP and 48 for MEP. No one...