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    How are you april?

    How are you april?
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    Please help, I'm so worried I have ALS

    I think your ok Hello, I have read your post... It does not sound like als to me..but again i am not a doctor, although at times i feel like i have to be with my own problems that are happening to me, my family and most imporntanly my 2 year old. I Am glad to know that you have had symptoms...
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    UMMMM hello i am stealing your kitty cat!!!! Oh i just wuv him i want to just squeeze him and...

    UMMMM hello i am stealing your kitty cat!!!! Oh i just wuv him i want to just squeeze him and kiss him. I love you AM i will talk to u in the PM
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    Hi all!

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since i have been on...I miss everyone on here so much. I have been really tired and playing with my daughter.....The muscle loss is getting worse day by day and the fatigue i have is so bad. One thing that has made me a little upset is when i see that Wright is...
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    I understand I very well understand what you mean, i am not getting my hopes up for IPLEX, just a little happy i guess i am so scared everyday as life goes on. Hey Al how do i change my screen name? it doesnt make sense to have scared of als anymore since i got this damm disease.I was was...
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    Negativity! Hey evryone, I wasnt saying Iplex was a cure! some of us have to stop with the negativity, this disease is already negative, and for some of you that have not researched Iplex i think you better take another look, because there are studies where it did help ALS patients. I actually...
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    Good evening, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am so excited to hear about the FDA approving IPLEX, I am sad though you had to be signed up by March 6th. They came out with the information Mar 10, so the rest of us will be throws into a lottery which is not good! It is rather very...
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    My family

    Thank you... Thank you everyone for the dear messages...Yes lilyrose is my dear angel, always will be....thanks everyone... Annemarie I love you! Thanks for everything you help me with and continue to do each day...I am so glad god put you in my life...there is a reason i dont know where i...