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    Al's ALS WALK Site

    Betty's Run Betty's Run Calgary Sunday June 12th. So far the biggest fundraiser in Canada
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    Sunnybrook Clinic

    POSTING PICTURES Al first pics must be on server. I use free space at . ONCE pics are moved there, choose the one you want, rt mouse click on URL and copy. Goback to your message and click on img, then paste URL after which click close tags. LOADING CATTLE FOR...
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    Thjng you may not wish to disscuss
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    choking...please help

    CHOCKING | have been choking for some time this is my diet
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    Thumb operation

    thumb both my thumbs are straight and all my fingers are crooked. Problem is none have any strength. what does the connectiv tissue between thumb and finger look like?this Check to see if the surgeons diploma is from the carribean
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    Hi all

    Snowball You will be getting a solution for each lost ability. Maybe helpfull to focus on what she can do and get on enjoying life as much as you can while you can. It worked for me. all the best.
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    How much discomfort?

    Jessie, it is not a big whine here. usualy the constipation may be relieved by fiber such a beans, prunes (dried i like) As constipation is a normal side affect of oxycodone (percacet). To me sleep is the objective however my methods are contravercial so i wil say i us gabapentin, two mild...
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    Walk to D'Feet MND.

    Mnd/als Walk Thanks Jeannie we can use ideas. Welcome to our site, may you be made as comfortable here as i have been Ranger03
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    lhart Iam not retired but on long term dis. after 32 years with Air Canada. I was able to work all over the world meeting different people ... however I have found other goals and achieved will also... all the best chris