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  1. Saubier

    husband wrecked bike, hurt shoulder, does ALS patient's heal?

    Actually, I seem to heal faster than before I had ALS. Simple things like cuts and scrapes.
  2. Saubier

    Excessive Saliva? An alternative approach..

    Atropine dries up the mouth. You could make a tea from the bulbs of daffodils. I haven't tried it, so be careful. Don't use bulbs you buy; dig them up.
  3. Saubier

    Possible new 'protein' treatment announced

    The herb schisandra stimulates HSP70. So does the drug Arimoclomol.
  4. Saubier


    The cramps respond well to 800 mg/day of Vitamin E. The tocopherol works better than the tocotrienol for cramps, but I take both anyway.
  5. Saubier

    Mr.Txgrl here

    DM is dextromethorphan (cough medicine)
  6. Saubier

    supplement oppinion?

    Laurie, I wouldn't take selenium, at least not every day, it's highly toxic. Go to the ALSA website; they recommend B12 sublingual, folic acid, and some other things. I take the B12, E with tocotrienol, D3, folic acid.
  7. Saubier

    ALS Clinic Certified CenterSM

    First, Ernie, I'm not so sure about the VA hospitals; get yourself to an ALS clinic. Second, everybody, how about a list of GOOD ALS clinics. Johns Hopkins is one.
  8. Saubier

    hair loss

    Actually, I think I have MORE hair than I had before ALS. Maybe has something to do with lower levels of testosterone.
  9. Saubier

    which fingers?

    My speech went first, now swallowing is getting more difficult. At the same time, my fingers lost the ability to "pinch," but I still have a strong grip.
  10. Saubier

    hair loss

    Not a simple blood test; CSF is cerebral spinal fluid.