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    Questions about PLS en ALS

    These were the resulsts of the latests EMG. I have to go to the neuromuscular center in late August and mid-September. After that I will post those. They themselves tested my back last time and also my arm but they didn't include it. I find that very strange.
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    Questions about PLS en ALS

    Thank you for your responses and your time. I apologize that the text was so large, but wanted to include all the results of the EMGs and the MRIs. I understand your reaction. But I just don't really understand that after 2.5 years of examinations, they can't find anything that is present now...
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    Questions about PLS en ALS

    Thank you for your answer. Sorry for interrupting but i was trying to say that i can still walk, but when i cannot run anymore. There is too much preassure on that leg. I also think that my lef leg is getting bigger because it has to compensate for my right leg. When i walk 15km, i feel that the...
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    Questions about PLS en ALS

    Hello, First of all, my apologies for disturbing. I am a man, 27 years old in Belgium. Everything started at the end of 2018, beginning of 2019. I started suffering from muscle tremors all over my body. Then I started looking up and I ended up in a rabbit hole. I then started measuring my legs...
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    Questions, PLS?

    Thank you for your answer! This is the result of the third EMG, 2 October 2019, of which I have the papers: The result: Nerve conduction: normal SNAP's nn surales, MCV's nn peroneales (CMAP right < left) and nn tib post (normal CMAP's). Normal MCVs and H reflexes S1 in length. Needle...
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    Questions, PLS?

    Hello! Sorry to interrupt, I am a 26 year old man with neurological problems since January 2019. So it all started with muscle tremors all over my body, especially in my lower legs. I then started measuring my legs and my right calf is 1 cm narrower than my left and my right thigh is 2 CM...