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  1. Tedstehr

    you know what bugs me?

    Merry Christmas to all of you and best wishes for the new year. We are living the dream here in New Westminster! Our relationship is stronger than ever and our intimacy is off the charts. For example, my wife touches my penis dozens of times a day. She gazes into my eyes as she inserts my...
  2. Tedstehr

    Can't get rid of phlegm

    Thanks for this thread BF! I suffer with this intermittently too. I think it was mentioned already but keep Wayne well hydrated. Thin secretions are easier to deal with. When this happens we have had luck with the saline nebulizer. I would like to try the manual cough assisst but I just got a...
  3. Tedstehr


    These discrepancies are so frustrating! In North America we can get it no problem. But don't lose sight of the fact it may slow but who knows how much and which variants? It may be good with FUS but nothing else. Good luck getting it regardless!
  4. Tedstehr


    Could someone interpret what " significant" means? When Edaravone results were published they said it slowed progression by 30% on average. Although somewhat meaningless in evaluating personal progression it still gave me something I could sink my teeth into. If they said significant and the...
  5. Tedstehr

    Bushfires in Oz

    What a relief! When this thread popped up in my feed my heart stopped thinking you had bad news. I am still upset about the situation but at least your furry friends are safe. They, like us, are lucky to have you looking out for them!
  6. Tedstehr

    For the females- suprapubic catheter

    Kim, have you tried condom catheters? I use ones from Coloplast. They connect to a collection bag you strap to below the knee. Then he won't feel like he is peeing himself. And you can drain it easily. It leverages the benefit of having a penis. Many would say that having a penis delivers a life...
  7. Tedstehr


    Dee Dee, I think this response is in the wrong thread but it has been a lifesaver for me nonetheless. The last few weeks have seen me choke at almost every meal. Knock on wood, it may be a thing of the past. Thanks so much! Thank goodness for accidental postings!
  8. Tedstehr


    Thank you Nikkki!
  9. Tedstehr


    Thank you so much Nikki! I have a friend here in Vancouver who was in the trial shortly after his limb onset diagnosis. He was pretty sure he was in the placebo group because he felt he was progressing. But after six months he was given the actual drug and things seemed to slow dramatically. He...
  10. Tedstehr

    My Friend Ted Podcast

    I'll try to find one Kim.