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  1. butlertl

    VA benefits Rating

    Yes and Dr Rozas.
  2. butlertl

    Trach decision

    The Doc gave me 6-8 months if I don’t get s Trac.
  3. butlertl

    VA benefits Rating

    Thanks gooseberry. We are going to Tampa tomorrow. Was hoping to try the new drug but Medicare is slow to approve. And I would need a Nero to approve a script. Two small issues. Terry
  4. butlertl

    VA benefits Rating

    I currently have an R1 benefits rating from the VA. What is the requirement for an R2 rating? Thank you.
  5. butlertl

    G Tube Installation

    I had my feeding tube procedure last Tuesday at the Tampa VA. All went smoothly and everyone was wonderful and helpful. Although I do not need it right away the Doctors thought it was best to get it sooner than later. Some pain but not too bad. Terry
  6. butlertl

    Vitamix Suggestions

    Yes. That is our Rep.
  7. butlertl

    Vitamix Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a Vitamix model? I'm scheduled for a PEG on 13 June at the Tampa VA Hospital. Thanks.
  8. butlertl


    Any news about his treatment and if it's working? Thank you
  9. butlertl


    Is the VMLI on your primary residence or just a residence? Thanks
  10. butlertl

    Hospital Bed

    GregK Will the dolphin allow the head or foot to raise when the mattress is inflated??