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    Hi there .. This is my first post.

    Cheryl, I’m reading those reports and not seeing where you’re coming from with regard to not being cleared. The reports say that clinically you’re not presenting with ALS. The EMG isn’t showing ALS either. The doc isn’t sure what’s causing your issues and is referring you for a second...
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    Hi there .. This is my first post.

    Cheryl, Just a comment to please type your response in the box that appears below the last post in he thread. When you hit the reply button, the previous post is quoted in your new post. For some of our members scrolling through that is difficult, especially if they are using eye gaze. So...
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    Hi there .. This is my first post.

    So from what you've written he said that the results are not what he normally sees in ALS. You also reported that he said the incidental findings in the EMG do not support ALS. So it sounds like he still doesn't think it's ALS. Please post your report when you get it.
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    Weakness in arm/shoulder and fascics

    This is a really common misconception. Hyperviligance doesn’t mean that you’re more aware of impending clinical weakness. Perceived weakness or feeling weak is not a precursor to clinical weakness. Work with your doc but you are not describing ALS —not even an atypical presentation .
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    There will be others with a medical background that can chime in on this, but no. You see ALS is NOT a muscle disease, it is a disease in the brain that affects the nerves that tell the muscles to move. No signal from the nerve, no movement, but it is not a muscle based problem. Hence the...
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    Yes, after 18 months you would have noticed failure. You have not described failure. Keep working with your docs. Best wishes.
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    Hi there .. This is my first post.

    So what did your doctor say about these symptoms?
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    Desperate! Need your opinion!

    I know it’s difficult to understand the idea that feeling weak isn’t a precursor to muscle failure but that’s the way it is in ALS. And because you haven’t experienced true muscle failure, it’s difficult to comprehend. People with ALS doesn’t feel weak. ALS is a brain disease, the muscle...
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    Had MGH ALS Clinic Visit on 1/10 (Doc found UMN and LMN issues)

    The doctor's own notes states that the weakness may be your baseline and not related to ALS. Seriously, I can't imagine reading that report and jumping to UMN and LMN findings. You are really reaching. If we had gotten that report with my late husband we would have been ecstatic. Follow...
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    I’m terrified and feel like my life is falling apart!

    Still not ALS. Read Laurie’s reply again.