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  1. Carol Deboer

    Just to say Hello and Wow!

    Thanks Guys for taking the time to say hello. Al, just for your information, I STILL wear the red bikini! I suppose one day I should retire it! (or maybe buy a new one) I know that we have many, many angels watching over us from this forum, and that gives me such comfort. I remember some...
  2. Carol Deboer

    Just to say Hello and Wow!

    Just a short note to say how wonderful it is to see that this forum is now international and going stronger than ever! Back in early 2003, when this forum began, and there were only a dozen or so of us posting and sharing our lives with one another, I never dreamed that this forum would...
  3. Carol Deboer

    Very Important Questions

    Yes Al, Fisher did see the infamous bikini. What a laugh..... He smiled....... really big. Ha... Have a good one.. Love ya.... Carol xoxo
  4. Carol Deboer

    Very Important Questions

    Hey Jen, How are you doing? Henry used to sigh a lot too. A lot. Really deep sighs. I asked Henry why he did this and he said it felt good. It stretched his lungs he said. He also said he felt releif when he sighed. I guess if it makes you feel good, do it. I asked the docs about it...
  5. Carol Deboer

    Cramps ?

    Hi Guys, In addition to baclofen, try Vit. E. We used 400UI in tha am and pm. This seemed to help Henry a lot. Good luck. Carol D. Stay Strong
  6. Carol Deboer

    new awaiting diagnosis

    Hi Guys, I have read this thread with interest. Lots of emotions here. Having moderated this site for the past couple of years, and being one of this forums first members, I am concerned that this is a complete battle of wits of who knows more than the other. I am in 100% agreement with...
  7. Carol Deboer

    Information Appreciated

    Hi asmileaday, Welcome to the forum. I agree with Liz. See another specialist now! All of these symptoms can be indicative of als, however, since there are no tests for als, ruling everything else out comes first. You have to wonder about a doctor who is not willing to take you seriously...
  8. Carol Deboer

    Hi From Carol D.

    Hi Al and Everyone, I have just spent the last hour or so going over and reading some of the first posts on this forum. Back from 2003. WOW! Those early days with Downtown Johnny, Fisher, TBear, myself and eventually Al. What a comic relief bunch we were. It was, to say the least...
  9. Carol Deboer

    My Mom lost the battle

    Dear Jane, I also want you to know that I am sending my deepest condolences out to you and your family as well. I heard that your sister had passed. She is also at rest now. Remember the great times you had as sisters, that is a bond that cannot be severed by even death. She will always be...
  10. Carol Deboer

    My Mom lost the battle

    Dear Sandra, I have not replied much lately, however, I want you to know that my deepest condolences are sent out to you and your family and this sad and difficult time. She is at peace now and her suffering is over. I hope that you will find comfort in knowing what a great relationship you...