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    A great voice is silenced

    Leo's memorial service This Ann and for those who live in the LA area... his memorial service will be on Friday February 22 at 3:00 pm at the United Church of Christ 233 W Harrison ....crossstreet Harvard St Claremont 91711
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    Back pain

    I need some tips. I've been experiencing intense back pain between my shoulder blades for at least a couple of weeks now. The past two days it has gotten up there on the pain meter just short of kidney stones. Ouch! I have pain pills, but I need something more like a muscle relaxant, one that...
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    My latest column and video are on Lithium. Here's the link: Leo Greene [email protected]
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    Latest ALS column and online video

    thanks Thanks Al and thanks Jeanne
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    Latest ALS column and online video

    My latest column and online video were posted today. Here's the link: Leo Greene Daily Bulletin (909) 730-9951
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    Column help

    Hey everyone, I need your help on an idea I have for my next column. I was pondering what a PALS might like for Christmas or Chanukkah. My first answer was visitors. I don't know what you've experienced, but while a few friends have remained in close contact, a lot of people I know have grown...
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    Latest ALS column

    My latest ALS column was posted today (no video this time). Here's the link: I've also added information about the medicines and supplements I'm taking. A link to that list can be found on my web page: Leo Greene
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    Latest ALS column and online video

    My latest column and video were posted today. (The video is an homage to an much earlier film of the same name.) Here's the link: enjoy
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    Either way, Hope.
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