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    Military service and ALS

    I was wondering if it's just American vets that are more likely to get ALS, or are there vets from other countries as well?
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    Cough Assist Machine

    I also was sent a cough assist. It was sitting of into the corner until I got a terrible cough, and now I'm grateful I have it! I can still produce a cough, but the cramps in my ribs and jaw were enough to send me through the roof! The cough assist really has helped me save some energy!
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Dang it! I always miss roll call Wednesdays. I haven't been on in a while! But, I'm still around!
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    Freaking out!

    Igelb, the ALS association came by because I love in a manufactured home with five steps up. Apparently a ramp must be one foot for every inch high. So that would be a long ramp! I have people to put it in or build it, but no supplies. I moved to a manufactured home thinking my medical problems...
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    Freaking out!

    Thank you all for your input. I'm hoping it is just stress! I really would stop driving all together if I could! I haven't been sleeping well simply because of my stress of bills as well as the ALS Association coming to my house basically saying they have never had someone in my situation and...
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Still around. Just haven't visited lately! Trying to exercise denial!
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    Freaking out!

    So, this could be an ALS thing? Holy crap! This is horrible! I thought I would at least have my mind! I'm so embarrassed I haven't told anyone! My kids thought it was funny when I exclaimed... Drive turned into reverse! My son had to laugh and tell me I was in reverse!
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    Freaking out!

    I think I might be losing my mind! Twice now while driving, I got confused about reverse and drive! I put my car in reverse, thinking it was Drive. Needless to say, I'm too afraid to drive! I also sat out two paid off pants for my son to get dressed. It took a while to figure out I was wrong...
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    I recently started a . It's basically my therapy and a way to...

    I recently started a . It's basically my therapy and a way to reach out to others going through the same things as me.
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    I think she was waiting because it's expensive and my insurance won't cover it. Now that I'm not working,I applied for disability. I also like wine every now and then and she said I can't drink with it.