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    Letter Boards

    I'm trying to do a letter board and I would apperciate any suggestions, like what to make it out of, the must have words etc. Thanks, Rhonda
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    Suction Toothbrush

    Has anyone used one? If so please share the positives and negatives and what kind. Thanks, Rhonda
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    Hospital Bed Sheets

    I would like opinions on what type of sheets works best ? I'm using jersey sheets and they are not working out. As always THANKS for any help. Rhonda
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    Does anyone have experience with renting condos in Pcb Fl. What I want to know is if they have ramps to the beach, beach wheelchair, accessible shower etc. Thanks for any help. Rhonda
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    Trouble Opening Eyes?

    No Honey, your mom is not bonkers. I too have issues with my eyes. My lids are droupy. My daughter is a tech for a eye clinic and she says they can cut out the excess and that will help it. I am going in to see if it will be covered under my medical insurance. We all know about insurance...
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    When your feet are affected by ALS does the arch change and do you have severe pain that feels like the bones are hurting. I had my foot x-raied and nothing showed up. My foot hurts bad. I go to clinic Friday, I just thought I could get some insight before then. Thanks for any help. Rhonda
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    Neck Pain

    Can losing muscle in your neck cause neck pain? My neck has been hurting for 2 days. Have any suggestions for the pain? As always thanks for any help. Rhonda
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    shopping for a bidet

    Have you checked with your Als association, they purchased mine. Mine is a toto and it has everything. I am very satisfied with it. Rhonda
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    Women only - menstrual cycle question

    I am 46 and i'm going through what they call peri-menapause. My last period was 6/07. I don't like the fact that any day I could start. My doctor said she would do whatever I needed her to do. So far I have not needed her help. I know this is no help for you, I just want you to know your...
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    peg site

    I went without a bra for a while and now I have a rash under my breast. If it's not one thing it's another. Rhonda