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    I too watched Er last night it was on a 9pm but I was working so I stayed up until 1 so I could see it. The part of the show which I didnt care for although I know this happens a lot when you are looking after another is while the person with the disease even though they understand what you are...
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    Hi from Carol

    Hi everyone new and old members, I too have had a major transition in my life and time was a factor in getting back onto the computer and comunicating with all the people who were like family for me. I did not forget this forum or all the awesome people who share there lifes. Tim is still living...
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    Happy and Safe New Year to my other Family

    I know I havnt posted for a long time on the forum but when I can I read all the posting just to stay in the loop. I have been working 16 to 20 hour days as a Special Care Giver to peple with all kinds of diseases and problems and have learned so much wisdom from them all. I have met many new...
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    I feel alone

    Unfortunately Stacey I would say many people are feeling the same way you are. Once ALS hits any of our loved ones it almost consumes us becasue there are really no answers . All we have right now is support groups like you have joined which make your life a litttle more bearable. As far as...
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    Has anyone else been bounced?

    Hi AL, This hasnt happened to me recentlly but about 6 or 7 months ago it did. I couldnt get back on until I wrote the forum a letter and they gave me some weird concoction of numbers to put in and then I got my identy back. Technology Huh? Sorry to hear about your headache that can be a real...
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    wondering about the bracelets.

    Has anyone else except for Mike been able to get the new bracelets that Mike put out in Alberta. I emailed the ALS society in SASK and they told me they had a bracelet but still have not had a reply if its the one Mike created. They did tell me that they have sold 600 of them and if I wanted to...
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    salt/vitamin c protocol

    I havnt heard about this new protocal maybe you can fill us in a little bit more. Kim ALS About Loving Someone
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    I'm back

    Dear Dana, Nice to have you back I know how hard it is to get the net back up and running and the first thing you want to do is get back on the forum for support,education and of course the freindships that develope here. It sounds like your dad has finally accepted his diagnosis which is the...
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    Dear Jackie, I dont understand if Richard has a DNR order why were they trying to use CPR when it goes against the order. People who do not want to be resucitated think long and hard about this decison. It must of been very hard for his wife to watch this especially when she knew Richard did not...
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    supplements for self

    Dear Jennifer, You need a good multivitamin and B complex which will lower your stress levels and keep your energy alive. Also greens plus you might want to look into also. Just remember for anything to work you have to keep on a regular schedule to see any results. Thats where people seem to go...