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    I have bulbair Als diagnosted april 2020. The main problem are my arms. I use tudca 2x 1 gr from june 2020 till now, and Riluzol. I have good results, because till 2 month ago i could still play gof. This week i started slowly with natriumbutyraat, (not natriumfenylbutyraat, because this als...
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    Interview request Maastricht University

    Hallo, i am living 35km from Maastricht and have now 18 months ALS. If you are interested we can talk. Jud.
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    Best bed mattress

    In my yesterday mail i mentiond the density is 40kg/square meter , this was wrong the density is 40kg/ kubiek meter. I have ALS for 18 months and the topper is stil okay.
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    Best bed mattress

    i am using open cell foam 40 kg/square meter soft. i am convienced whit this. i had the same problem. My answhere yesterday was a litle bit short. i had also problems to usee a matress and tried several once. At the end i using open cell foam density 40kg/m2 . I used it as topper. The ticknes...