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    How to make phone communications without using hands and fingers

    ALS disease includes common symptoms such as muscle weakness throughout the entire body. When your fingers and hands get weaker then how can you communicate by phone? I cannot pick up a handset and I cannot press the telephone keypad at all. I had to rely on my caregiver for each phone...
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    Edema treatment

    My daily life consists of being in a wheelchair for more than 14 hours a day until I am transferred to my hospital bed for sleeping. I am not able to do exercises only remaining in a seated position with my hanging feet down. As a result, my feet, ankles and legs are swollen; which is called...
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    Supplement Laminine

    I purchased one set of Laminine for test case in January this year and I started taking one capsule a day. At that time, I had a muscle weakness on my neck and it was so difficult to hold my heavy head. Now it is about one month later, I started to feel getting normal about my neck muscle and no...
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    On-screen keyboard and a mouse for ALS patients

    Most of ALS patients are losing fingers strengths and it is getting harder to operate a regular keyboard. Here is a way you still can create texts using “On-screen keyboard” as long as you can use a mouse with you one finger. Mike How to activate Microsoft “On-Screen Keyboard” on your screen...
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    Supplement Laminine

    Have you tried a supplement “Laminine” ? Please let me know your comments. Mike
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    Voice Banking Question

    I would like to recommend you on-line banking using a mouse and an on-screen keyboard (Microsoft standard package). It has been working very well for me. Since I cannot use a regular keyboard any longer. Mike
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    Shower chair with back support cushion

    Shower chairs do not come with back support cushion. I created a very comfortable shower chair with back support cushion. I would like to recommend you all. -purchase a regular outdoor chair cushion; 4” thickness -purchase a vacuum seal storage bag; medium size Put the outdoor chair cushion in...
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    Easy way to get up from hospital bed

    ALS patients are gradually losing muscle strengths on entire body and it is getting harder in life. I used to have difficulties to get up from my hospital bed because of especially stomach muscle weakness. In general all hospital beds do not raise upper part of the bed more than 75 degrees in...
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    Tall toilet for ALS patients

    ALS patients’ one of common problems is toilet seat height for toileting when the symptom is progressing. It will be getting harder and harder to stand up after finishing toileting. I installed a higher toilet. It is called, “Tall toilet”, 20” height from the floor. It has been helping a great...