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    Im ready to die...

    Aug. 2005 Everything was going haywire at first so fast I truly thought I would be dead by Dec. 2005, symptoms started really fast and hard in aug. 2005. but leveled off in Jan. and I am doing ok still, so don't throw in the towel yet!
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    How Old is everyone in here?

    Am now 59, diagnosed. in March O6, symptoms started in Jan. 05, still pretty much mobile, slow progression. Barry
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    weakness and twitching

    fingers I noticed the pads on my fingers always look wrinkled, like I had them in water to long, do other Pals have this also? Does anyone have twitching in the eyelid/eyelids is very annoying!
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    weakness and twitching

    Has anyone who has been diagnosed. with als ever have the twitching stop while still mantaining use of the limb and if so was it for long periods of time, also has anyone had general weakness come on them throughout the entire body at first or did weakness and loss of control come from a...
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    Poping and Cracking joints

    joints poping and snapping Yes, not all the time, but much more often then I like. I don't hear of this complaint to often, though from others. But I did read about a neurologist who has als and he said one of his first symptoms was his knee poping when jogging.
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    28 Years Old...

    Twitching My twitching has never stopped either, l don't feel anything while asleep, but I suppose it's just because I sleep so soundly. My twitching has slowed down at times and somedays it would almost seem like it was going stop, but then the next day it would pick up again. Let us know...
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    doctor visit update

    ck From what I've heard it is usually [CK levels] high in als persons, but now I'am not sure if that is correct. I had mine checked in May and it was only '55' [26 to 186 'normal range'] and I am 58 yrs. old. And when I first had symptoms in '05' it was always normal when checked. Does anyone...
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    cramping Is this the only cramping you get [in the feet] I get cramping in the feet but only if I move them in a certain direction and it [feet] would cramp way before diagnosed. or any symptoms showed up of mnd. I've been twitcthing for 600 days now, sure gets old!
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    acid reflux

    janf, I used to have it even before this illness, don't lie down soon after eating it will make it worse [at least that's the way it is with me] the valve that controls acid relux is a muscle so it is affected by als, but not with everyone. Barry