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    I wanted to say hello to Al and am very glad you are still active on this forum which to me means you are doing well. It will be 3 years this July since Dick passed and I always have all of you in my thoughts even though I do not go on line often. My prayers are with all of you on a daily...
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    ALS Walk

    You probably already know this but they announced at the ALS walk on Saturday that Bush signed the bill to put ALS on the registry and that there were a large nmber of veterans that have the disease and that all veterans will be covered that have Lou Gehrig's disease. There was a family there...
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    just curious

    Wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know we had another family reunion with a new grandchild as we want to keep the tradition even though we lost Dick last July. I found it odd so many people in my circle have or know of someone who has als. Dick's grandfather, Dick, Dick's sister who is...
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    my dad is near death - advice needed, please.

    Please go over thier head but don't accept what hospice says as final. I had a horrible experience with them as my posts will say, but I would call your physician who approved hospice and tell him what is going on. When I told Dick's physician after he passed what happened he was horrified and...
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    Dick's anniversary

    Hi Everyone, I don't know if you remember me but Dick passed away a year ago on the 15th. We had our family reunion on the 4th of July and he died the 15th. I am so depressed now. This is so much harder than any first holidays I spent without him. I go to his gravesite at least every week to...
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    AL Needs a Big Favvor

    Questionaire Al, As you know Dick passed in July. I made a copy of all the correspondence from our first thread to the end. On the forum we discussed Helping Hand monkeys, to assisted suicide and I have it all in order put away. Do you think he would be interested and I could send it to him...
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    My Husband Jorge Lost His Battle To A.l.s.

    Dear Paty I am so sorry about your loss, I share your grief and I know how hard this is and will be for you since as you know I lost Dick in July. I promiose you it will get easier with time and it helped me to read materials on grieving. My days were up and down and at the most unexpected...
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    husband diagnosed 8/7

    I will give you my advice now that I lost my husband in July after only a year. I became a very effecient caregiver, read the books etc and made sure he ate right and all the functional things that needed to be done from insurance, to running the house , but what I failed to do was give him the...
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    How Dick died

    Dick passed away July 15th after one year of diagnosed. I want to share my experience with you so you never have to experience what I went thru. I fed Dick breakfast. He went down for a nap and I put his bi-bap on him. He wanted to get up and use the bathroom. He started coughing and then...
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    Dick's final days

    As you know Dick passed away on July 15th. I just wanted to share this with you in hopes it may bring some comfort to all of you. On th 13th Dick and I were talking in the bedroom. He had his bi-pap on and we were having a normal conversation when out of no where he said "My Mother and Father...