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    Pulmonary hypertension

    Laurie, thanks for the review article. It raises a question for me about PDE5 inhibitors. I have read articles about a possible role for those meds in animal model ALS. I have also noticed a PDE4 inhibitor, ibudilast, is now in phase 2 or3 trial. Do the former agents have some effects on both...
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    Why do I feel so bad?

    no expert here, but do you have a history of snoring? Can bulbar symptoms exacerbate OSA that may have been subclinical prior to bulbar symptoms? also, mirtazipine can improve appetite, but is also highly soporific.
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    Swollen feet and ankles

    All great advice. One thing I would like to add. There is a commonly used class of blood pressure medicine called dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers. They have a dose related side effect of edema. I was on 10mg of amlodipine per day, and my feet blew up. I asked my PCP to decrease it, and...
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    Tobii user needs glasses

    thank you, Nona!
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    guaranteed life insurance

    Thank you all for your responses. I am looking into this further, and am very distrustful of anyone trying to sell me anything, especially if it sounds too good to be true. I found a website for a firm called "effortless insurance," and although the name itself brings a skeptical smile to my...
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    guaranteed life insurance

    I would like to hear from any pALS or cALS or survivors who have any knowledge or experience with these kind of policies. I know that they are small benefit policies (> 40000$), and that the premiums are exorbitant, and they won't pay until after the owner has had the policy for two years. I am...
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    sliding down the bed

    I just found it on Amazon, but it is pricey at >$30 for a three foot length of 16" film. Your best bet might be to check with your OT or PT. It comes in long rolls too, and seems like an item that would be useful for many pALS, so you might check with your loan closet. BTW, I misspelled it...
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    sliding down the bed

    Kristina, I had difficulty with my feet sliding when I tried to push myself up in bed, and I remembered a product called dysom that we used to help geriatric patients from sliding off their recliners. My home PT brought a piece that I am still using nine months later. It is a tacky film that...
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    Loose Stool MiraLAX overreaction?

    all great advice, and I would like to add one thing. If you have the resources, consider a bidet seat for your toilet. They can help with a few problems. Mine has a "vortex" function that is like an enema, plus the cleaning function that can make life much easier for your caregiver(s.) It can be...
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    trach questions

    There are too many of you to list your names, but I am grateful for all of the input each of you have offered. This thread has meandered a bit, and I had more than a little to do with that. I would like to reassure all of you that we are lucky to have a power hoyer lift from our loan closet...