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    Pull-Ups vs Diapers

    No because when it comes to wiping, how can I do it? It's easier in bed.
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    Pull-Ups vs Diapers

    I have posted here before, but not in awhile. I have a question. For an ALS patient, my wife, whom I care for at home. What is best: pull-ups or regular diapers? SHe is on hospice care and I can get diapers free. But pull-ups seem easier at least to put on. I just can't seem to get the hang of...
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    swing-away table??

    Hello all - I am looking for a bedside table (hospital type)...but it should be a swing-away type, so the ALS patient can push it away as needed. Right now I have to give my PALS their IPad, cord, face mask, and hospital bed remote control all the time after she goes to the restroom. She has...
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    hospital bed sheets

    Hello: My wife now has a hospital bed at home (made by Drive). It has a pink, slippery cover, by the looks. I am trying to get bed sheets (fitted) to say on the bed, and they keep sliding off of the top! I have even tried sheet fasteners. Any suggestions? Thanks, Scott
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    First Alert or other units

    I am interested in a First Alert-like device so that my PALS can use it in the event I am away. However she has Bulbar ALS and cannot speak. I see most of these devices are geared around pressing a button and speaking with a rep (which my PALS cannot do). What system would you all recommend that...
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    Home Health Aid no-shows

    Me and my PALS live in FL. I hired a home health agency to send someone for 2 hrs on days I work (once or twice a week at the most). I have found on most occasions they either don't show up or are late. This is ridiculous. Is this common with home health aides? Most of them have unreliable cars...
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    Time to Vent

    Thanks to all - and especially Jim - for their wise comments. What Jim said rings true......unreasonable demands can and do happen and must be dealt with somehow. I had a bad day yesterday and another bad one today. I need to force myself to find a way to get away before I go completely crazy...
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    Time to Vent

    Well it's time to vent again. It seems like there is some appointment of some kind every day. Thank God that I only work occasionally. I don't know how you people with FT jobs do it all. My PALS keeps FB messaging me for this and that. I can barely take a shower or eat some days. Then I have my...
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    Well said! It is indeed idealistic idiocy many people spew. Truth be told, family members are clueless when it comes to knowing what it is like to be in "that place". The "ALS cage" that we are all in.
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    Need for Respite

    I forgot to add we have a respite grant. Problem is the PALS wants to use it for a caregiver when I work. So it's not really a respite. She insists. I also should add my PALS also has bipolar disorder, which is under control. She never had FTD, I was mistaken when I stated that months ago. Thanks.