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    I don't want to be here

    You too K-CAL hope we can help one day at a time moment by moment. CALL WHEN YOU NEED US JANF
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    Inability to sneeze

    cherlyn, yes same here horrible sneezes bite my tongue also even bleeds. I have a mouth piece i think that has helped a good bit. Yes i sneeze esp after i eat .janf
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    I don't want to be here

    Hi KCALS. Frist let me say God Bless You and Your Family . Lean on him he is your father he will give you PEACE. I am an ALS pt have similiar neck problems but the neck does not cause foot drop because thats l- spine and the neck is c-spine. My ortho explained to me. The neck problems could...
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    What do you do..

    ELLIE ,seach mnd. als assoc. united hospice .hospice get any govt help start with ssi or diability. go to the state there many things ou t there dig for it don't be afraid to ask mostly get his dr to write letter to whom it may concern blessing janf
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    welbutrinxl works great with no side affects and i'm on lose dose paxil which helps the crying.jan
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    External Catheter at Night

    female help Hi girls this is just like i used in pediatric worked great for babies to get a clean catch urine . I was just sitting here thinking about those bags and looked on the site and there they are don't forget to shave though sticky on bottom lol:oops: janf
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    Big Toe Dropped

    Hi Kewanee, God Bless you during this time of grief and now you are dealing with your problem. Go to another neuro. better yet find an als spec. Don't stop until you have an answer and I pray its not ALS be strong hang in there and sit in the Fathers lap and let him heal your broken heart...
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    Geographical location

    Its great to see where everyones from thanks to you all. janf
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    Baclofen Pump

    With the pump the meds go streight into the spine thus bi-passing the stomach . They put them in for people who can't tolerate the medicine. I have a friend Bryan who has one. Jan
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    internal tremors

    I also have the same symptons and horrible spasms . I knot up like i'm having a seizure. They put me on zanaflex . Sleep is what I want on zanaflex so I cut back on it. Now I can tolerate it . Zanaflex has really helped my teeth clinching , now I don't have to wear my mouth guard and I sleep...