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    Questions about bulbar onset/other diagnosis

    Take my advice for what it's worth, nothing: In the old days (a few weeks ago) there was no urgency to learning a diagnoses of ALS. Now there just might be given what we are learning about lithium. In my opinion, just deciding to take a watch and wait method to diagnosing ALS is ridiculous...
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    My turn for a quick rant

    ZenArcher, you are absolutely right (I bet you're relieved to get my stamp of approval :-D) I just think it would be nice to have an organization that concentrates on the other things, like constantly being in front of the publics' noses, raising money to raise more money (for research...
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    My turn for a quick rant

    You know, I really think there needs to be a non-profit that concentrates on fund-raising and awareness raising. The ALSA does a good job with what it does, but as someone on the outside who has tried repeatedly to offer assistance, I can tell you that at least the TN chapter is very...
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    New Lithium based therapy announced

    Ah, Zen Archer, apparently the lithium isn't helping my reading skills. You said you DIDN'T doubt it, so I guess you weren't intersted in my thought processes, huh?:-D Oh, well, I always look for chances to engage in uncontested soliloquies. Just finished looking at that site. Just fantastic...
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    New Lithium based therapy announced

    Hey, thanks for that great link. I'm going to go and look at that in depth here in a minute, but it looks very well done at quick glance. The thing about CFS is that we don't know what causes it. Some claim it's in the muscles, others claim there is something irritating the nerves, others...
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    New Lithium based therapy announced

    I'm kind of inwardly groaning to post this here, as what I have CFS is really nothing in the whole big scheme of things, but I thought that some of you might find it interesting that I started taking lithium orotate (bigger molecule, less lithium than carbonate--if you have ALS, don't self-treat...
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    Coenzyme Q10

    Looking at the cost efficiency side of things, if you can't afford the outrageous prices for CoQ10, you might look at tocotrienols, which are a lot cheaper. There's been no study to date on tocotrienols and ALS, but there is interesting info regarding them and neuroprotection. Paul
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    well, my muscle pain is gone but....

    Hey tazzi, I don't know your whole story so I'm probably treading across tired ground here (forgive me for that), but there are a lot of substances that can put a body into mild rhabdomyolysis. We hear about statins all the time, but a lot of herbel supplements (like resveratrol), powerful...
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    Li study published!

    Now we need a study that tries some sort of cocktail of lithium with IGF-1, IPLEX or maybe creatine. I know. Now I'm just getting selfish. The Italians have the IPLEX, too, so maybe they'll think of this. See you all around, Paul
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    Limb onset - Weakness

    I'm not back. I just came by to see if you all had the Li study link posted (and of course you do). And then I got sucked into reading some posts. I just want to point out that CFS, Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome, and BFS both include perceived weakness. CFS also includes muscle pain (not...