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    With thanks

    Bear2, I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. My heart goes out to you and your family. I'll keep you in my prayers for much strength and comfort in the days ahead. Your Dad IS at peace now. Take comfort in that, and know he knew how much you loved him. Stay strong, Trish
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    My best Christmas wishes for you all

    Merry Christmas to you twospeed! Nice to hear from you again and to know you are still thinking of us! Many blessings this Christmas season. Trish
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    Pray for ALS Day

    Global Pray for ALS Day Website Launched Hi All, Well, I finally finished the basic website but will be adding more on to it as I can. With the move to Calgary in 6 weeks, I am short on free time but will do as much as I can. Will be in touch with the ALS MND Alliance to get buy-in from the...
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    Hi Guys, Al, for all the times you give support, love and wise words of advice, you're entitled to have days where you feel a little discouraged, especially around Christmastime. I haven't put up a tree this year because it's just me and I'll be moving soon after Christmas. Warm hugs to you...
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    sad news that has me very scared and depressed

    Patsy, There is nothing really that I can say that others have not already said above. I too am shocked and believe he will regret this. I know my sister-in-law is burned out but she is sticking by my brother through it all. Know we are here for you as you've been here for us and we love you...
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    Pliers anyone?

    Richard, you and my brother would get along well... He has his own nose picking aid, and while his wife and I think it's gross, it works for him (he doesn't have the strength to blow his nose anymore). It (or should I say SHE) is a Jack Russell Terrier named Zoe. I know, I Know BUT now she's...
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    Help: Tough Decision

    Well folks, the decision is made. I am moving to Calgary to be nearer to my brother and his family. The house went on the market last week and as soon as it sells/closes, I will head out there. My brother and his wife, daughter are thrilled and I know know that this is the right decision...
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    Help: Tough Decision

    Thanks for all your advice and enouragement. I am still deciding although I have more peace about the move now. Unfortunately, I cannot just visit for weeks on end because my job doesn't allow for that much time off - as a contractor, I can only afford so much time. But I'm looking for a job...
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    Help: Tough Decision

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply. My brother AND his wife have been trying to convince me to move out there for the last 4 years, since well before his diagnosis. To answer your questions, I am not married, no children and no boyfriend so I am as unattached as they get. I have wonderful...
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    Help: Tough Decision

    Hi guys, I'm just on my way to church but I have a tough decision to make over the next few days and was wondering if anyone one else has made the same one. I am sure some have or considered it. My brother lives in Calgary and progressing continuously. He told his wife a few days ago that he...