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    Grampal 2/ no 3 coming

    Hi Al, How wonderful. I am so glad that you are able to hold your grandchild! You know how important you are to this forum, but we are happy that you will take some time off to hug and hold your treasure. Hugs and prayers, Leah
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    My mom is gone.

    Dear Autumn, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. My God give you and your family the strength and grace to get through this time. We will be thinking about you. Hugs, Leah
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    Can Ensure produce constipation

    I took Ensure Plus for a long while and then had to change over to Nutren because of constipation. You can get Ensure Fibre but it is 100 calories less than Ensure plus. You are right about the weak muscles contributing to the bowel problem. I still need some laxitive inspite of the fibre in...
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    Suzanna lost her battle with ALS

    I don't know how many of you remember Suzanna, a young woman from Edmonton who was diagnosed with ALS not much more than a year ago. She has a 13 year old daughter. Suzanna came on this forum just at Christmas time last year and said it was a really good Christmas present for her and her...
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    what is a feeding tube?

    Hi Gilly, I had a feeding tube inserted in September 04 and did not start to use it for food until Christmas of that year. I am still eating puddings, yogurt and some thick shakes, so your aunt probably has some time left yet to eat her favorite things. For me, the tube has been a positive...
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    Need to talk!.

    Hi slm455, I am in the same situatiion as you. My husband and I spent most of today talking about what we should do..renovate or move. It seems to make more sense to move, even though we have 40 years of memories in this house. These decisions are not easy to make, and there seem to be so...
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    Advice about feeding tubes

    hi Mollye, I agree with Patsy, get it before you need it. I got mine in September and only used it for some meds until after Christmas. When eating got to be such a chore and I knew I needed help, the tube was there. It was a positive thing for me. Hugs and prayers, Leah
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    Need to vent... accepting als

    Dear Mollye, What an uplifiting post! Made even more so as I am from beautiful New Brunswick and am leaving Sunday with my family to walk a beautiful beach on the Bay of Fundy for ten glorious days! And I hope to make some more memories. You are right, we need to tell each other about the good...
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    Help with new type of feeding tube

    Hi Rick, Welcome to the forum, the place nobody wants to need to belong to, but are glad we do belong. I have a BUTTON tube. I had a PEG installed. It involved inserting it by a gastroscope(may not be right word, they went down my throat). I ended up with the long tube coming out of my...
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    Blue Jays Game tonight

    I am so happy for those of you going to the Blue Jays/Yankees game tonight(and a little jealous also). I would love to be there to meet you. I hope we hear something about ALS during the broadcast. Are you wearing something outrageous Al so we can spot you in the crowd? Have a good time! Hugs, Leah