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    New CALS - totally broken-hearted

    I hope you got the PM that Shiftkicker sent from me so I can get you more private support Marnes.
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    First visit to a Pulmonologist in a few days

    Honestly these are not long complex tests, but are invaluable. I recommend you just get the date and go get this done and get Tom onto bipap. I'm sorry you are getting stressed in advance, try to see it as the best way to help Tom now.
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    Possible symptoms

    Have you seen a doctor? It is rude to come here and ask questions, but not answer those we ask back.
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    Twitching/muscle cramps 9 months later

    Truly honey, you don't have anything that would even remotely make anyone think of ALS. I'm so glad you have had this confirmed yet again. Will you believe it now? You have been chasing this for a long time and yet the viral illness that began it all provides a very plausible and common reason...
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    First visit to a Pulmonologist in a few days

    It is not really that big a list of tests and all show a different part of the breathing story. With ALS, the breathing is key.
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    26/M Twitching for 3.5 years

    You must ONLY take any new concerns to your doctor. We can do nothing further. All the best, honestly you can beat this if you work with a doctor.
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    Should one still get genetic testing even w/o family history?

    You have now been trawling here for 6 hours. Please, go see your doctor as you are going back down a rabbit hole for no valid reason. You should not be living under this shadow at your age. You can get help, I promise that if you just talk honestly with your doctor. Print this whole thread out...
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    First visit to a Pulmonologist in a few days

    The ABG will give you important information on what is happening with his CO2 buildup. Glad you are getting all this sorted as his breathing is going to impact his QOL the most, as well as how long he has with that quality.
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Hugs Mary, I hope you got through the day ok
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    Have Atrophy and EMG Scheduled

    The EMG is used to diagnose a huge range of disease and injury processes. Don't fool yourself into a rabbit hole by jumping from twitching - EMG - ALS. All the best in getting back to full health.