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    Just when you think life has stopped sucking it sucks even more...

    Brad..... I am so sorry for your loss. You could never replace that dog.. I have said many times that I hope I go before Harlee. She actually gives my life meaning in this sh!tstorm!
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    Zombie Apocalypse

    I liken what the world has gone through in the last 90 days as bad science fiction movie that I have seen many times. The only thing different is that those who become terminally infected with the virus stay dead. I have been in quarantine for 6ish years and now everybody is. I think...
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    Can't get off the toilet independently-what now?

    Just wondering if you can pull yourself up with the installation of a strategic grab bar installed in front of the toilet. If your legs won't hold you up disregard this. Best Wishes!
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    Neudexta Update

    A few weeks back I shared that I was paying $562 per month for Neudexta now that I am on Medicare. I struggled with weaning myself off of it gradually and tried, but I noticed a difference and gave up on stopping. I made one last attempt at seeing if my clinic doc would Rx me some...
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    Toilet paper takes center stage

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Toilet Paper
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    Toilet paper takes center stage

    This thread has turned to SH!T....just sayin
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    Toilet paper takes center stage

    Inglorious TP Basturds
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    Toilet paper takes center stage

    I am rationing TP....6 squares for a #2! Wish I had a dam bidet.