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    Question about EMG

    My old thread was closed and have a specific question about the EMG. I know that you will answer that I will work with my neurologist. The problem is that I perceive the situation as she tries to "protect" me and gives me no clear answers even though I have all the protocols from EMG. The last I...
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    What is it if it isn´t ALS?

    Hi, First...My primary language isn´t english so I applogize for any typos. And i didn´t know were to post this thread so please move if it isn´t in the right place. I´m one of those who read at this forum daily due to my symtoms over the last couple of years and I´ve pretty much given myself...
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    Possible double post?! Please help..could it be ALS

    Could it be ALS? My first post here and I'm not English then I'm from Sweden. Ask in advance apologies for any typos. Has been under investigation for four years. It started with tachycardia episodes and then the stiffness of the muscles. After that, I started to lose power in the left leg and...