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    Tube feeding side effects? Which Formula?

    I have a feeding tube that I currently use for my meds. I see the day approaching where I will need to start using it for nutrition. What are the side effects? Will it be diarrhea after every feed? What formulas are best to reduce diarrhea? Ive heard of gravity feeding and a pump....HELP...
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    Started Hospice and have questions

    I went for my clinic visit a couple weeks ago and the neurologist suggested hospice. I've lost 18 lbs in 3 months. I knew I lost some weight but not that much. My FVC was 39, down from 41 three months ago. Both my husband question the accuracy of this reading as we've both noticed a...
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    What CBD Oil do you use?

    I'm going to try CBD oil. I've looked online and there is no way to know which is best. I watched a video on Hempworks which claims theirs is gown in Kentucky, is the most pure, is 3rd party tested, and uses the entire plant minus the THC. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you, CarolSue
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    Question about cough assist.

    Probably a dumb question... When using the cough assist, the machine sucks the air out so fast that its difficult to actually "cough". So do you muster a cough or just let it suck the air out?? Do you use it a set amount of times per day or as needed? If there is air blowing out around mask...
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    Altering Pants?

    Hello, I'm in my power chair full time and have read about altering the crotch/backside of pants to make toileting easier. Before I start cutting away on my clothes (I'm having a hard time with this one...) I think I will start with some yoga or sweat pants. Any suggestions or ideas to...
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    Best cellphone for failing/curling fingers

    Hello, I'm having a great deal of trouble using my cellphone these days. Not only is it hard to pick up, and hang on to, but texting is getting more difficult. Any suggestions on a cell phone that is easier to handle/use than an android? Any tips or tricks you wish to share? Thank you very...
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    Need help finding the right sling!

    We bought a used overhead lift system and I'm searching for the right sling. From what I've found online I have a 2 point lift? Everything I'm finding is for a 4 or 6 point lift. The lift is a Liko 200 and was told it was bought last year and only used for 3 weeks before her husband passed...
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    A sling for freestanding overhead lift system?

    I have an overhead freestanding lift system. As it turns out it is too big for the bedroom at 11.5 ft. long. The problem is that the feet/legs are 4 ft wide and no matter where we put it, it will block a doorway. We've decided to cut it down and reassemble a shorter length for our bedroom and...
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    Overhead Lift System w/Freestanding Track

    Like NEW Likorall 200 Lift System. 11.5 feet long. $2,200. These are listed online for $5500 {for the 11.5 length} We bought this a couple months ago and its too long for our bedroom. I am very disappointed to say the least. Pictures below If interested reply to this thread and I will...
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    PEG Tube question

    I had a peg tube placed one month ago. I've dealt with an infection and pain that lasted for three weeks. For now I'm not using the peg except for flushing with water twice daily. My question is.. have any of you felt the cool water in your throat when flushing/feeding. Thank you, CarolSue