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    First movie

    Went for a first movie alone ...after my wife passed in last July ...felt a little weird .
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    Power wheelchair, lift, Tobi for sale

    Hello everyone I have the following equipment with me . I want to donate the equipment. I am based in mumbai india. I only want shipping charges if applicable. I don’t mind shipping to other countries also. 1. Full reclinable power wheelchair 2. Power lift 3. Dehumidifier 4. Bottle sterliser...
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    What now?

    hi all , I lost my wife a week ago .... cant sleep much …. don't feel like doing anything … mind just keeps going back to the phone again and again... I have started remembering each and every detail of every memory... they are so vivid that im caught off guard … don't know what to do … cant...
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    In memory of...

    hi all, I lost my dear wife Mrunalini at the young age of 31 on 05 jul …. in a short span of one and half year the disease took her . I have never been very active on this forum ...never posted but I have read almost each and every old thread and learned much from each and everyone of you...
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    MND - in india and some questions

    HI everyone, Just joined the forum about a week ago. my wife was diagnosed with MND about 4 weeks ago . If there are any Indians on this forum do let me know. also if anybody could answer a couple of my questions 1. my wife can swallow food but has trouble swallowing water and small tablets...