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    Hi all!

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since i have been on...I miss everyone on here so much. I have been really tired and playing with my daughter.....The muscle loss is getting worse day by day and the fatigue i have is so bad. One thing that has made me a little upset is when i see that Wright is...
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    Good evening, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am so excited to hear about the FDA approving IPLEX, I am sad though you had to be signed up by March 6th. They came out with the information Mar 10, so the rest of us will be throws into a lottery which is not good! It is rather very...
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    My family

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hi and that i posted pics of my baby ISabella and Lilyrose and family....its been way to long so i finally did it thanks..jenny benny
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    Be careful

    Blinza, Hun you have to calm down just because my situation turned out not to be good doesnt mean yours is...I know you think because the docs say an emg would show bad after 4 or 5 thats not true in my case i will send you my report from dr.Eric piorio my emg was bad i did mine to close...
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    Hello everyone its been a long time

    First of i would like to say Isabella is now 7 months old and doing great....i went to clevland clinic and was diagnosed with mnd.... the twitching is getting worse and so on so on.....Annmarie has been a big help to me everyday she helps me cope day to day...she truly is not only one of the...
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    Guess what Jenny is doing today

    I am writing for Jenny, she has been back and forth most of the day. I am posting on her account since she has been in and out all day. She raised get this 2800 hundred dollars standing outside CVS, taking turns with a girlfriend of hers. I am moved by this, just absolutely proud. Look what...
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    Everything is coming back negative

    Hey everyone its been a long tiome since ive beautiful baby girl is doing well. I have had a mri on my back ond cervical all came back fine, still having same symptoms as usual i am not the same 24 year old i was thats for sure. I think i no what route iam going down now but i take...
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    Baby is finally here

    Had my darling baby feb 11th, c -section everything went well....i love her and i have not been on here at all iam concentrating on my symptoms are stil the same but with tounge fasiculations and a little wasing in my palm and a furrow tounge, they stil keep saying no als...? i dont no...
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    New baby girl....

    Miss Jenny, delivered a doll baby of a baby on Monday.. She is recovering wonderfully, and she and her family are thrilled for this addition... Wanted you all to know that..
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    hey everyone

    Well its been a while since i posted i went to my als specialist yesterday...I have positive hoffmans sign now...He stil not concerned what i dont get it thats a sing of umn and hes the specialist and said iam not a red flag for him at all...ok and he says als isnt in my future.. well ive been...