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    deanna protocol scam

    I've been emailing the doctor and messaging "Deanna" on FB. I've got most of the supplements but haven't actually started yet. I certainly don't expect a miracle but at the same time wonder, Why not? My progression is pretty fast and if there's a chance it could slow it then, well.... I'm on...
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    Like my Beer and Football!

    Thanks everyone! Maybe one too many watching my Cowboys, it's a learning experience.... =)
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    Like my Beer and Football!

    Quit drinking about 5 months ago to try and save my marriage, didn't work out so well and got my diagnosis in the process. So, still being safe and just staying in my place when I do BUT, here's to cold beer and football while I can still enjoy it! :razz: Kenny
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    Got the diagnosis and a quick, ironic tangent

    Thanks for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers. This is all really just sinking in for me but have to agree with Helen, in my very short time here and starting to deal with this reality I have never met more kind, special people in my life. Thank you all again. Kenny
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    Got the diagnosis and a quick, ironic tangent

    Good morning friends. On Tuesday my wife and I got the diagnosis we were expecting but still did not want to hear, I was officially diagnosed with ALS by my neurologist. He is referring me to the ALS clinic at George Washington U in downtown Washington, DC. Working on getting my appt...
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    ALS, the only thing not ruled out?

    Well said Jay. Good luck with your next appt and EMG. I go back to my neurologist this afternoon to get the results of all the other blood work and tests he wanted done. This is the dreaded "make sure you bring your wife" appt so we'll see how it goes and what kind of news I get. Kenny
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    ALS, the only thing not ruled out?

    Jay, know it sounds cliche to say hang in there but you have to buddy. I can't imagine going through this diagnosis hell for two years. Mine has just been a few months and it's driving me nuts too. I go back to my neuro on Tuesday and fairly certain I'll be getting the full diagnosis then...
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    Good days/Bad Days early on?

    Thanks notme! My WB came back negative for Lymes. Haven't seen the results myself yet though, just my GP's nurse called with the results. Thinking of trying Igenex but will talk it over with my neuro next week. NIH huh? I installed most of their videoconferencing suites at the Maryland HQ...
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    My neuro said the same thing and I found it very odd. Lymes is prevalent in this area but he...

    My neuro said the same thing and I found it very odd. Lymes is prevalent in this area but he just kind of dismissed it at first, did the EMG, but then was hell bent on getting the second Lymes test. He's a weird one, hard to read... LOL I've read a lot this morning and today about how many...
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    Abnormal EMG with Lymes?

    Thanks Nikki! The more I think about it I guess it is possible since my neuro was pretty intent on getting the western blot test even after my EMG. The basic ELISA/EIA test came back as positive at 1.12 and 1.09 is a positive reading. So, either the neuro thinks its a possibility or he thinks...