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  1. judyroyalglenn

    A blanket of snow - ALS and dying - part II

    In this thread: My new “job” **I will be writing about a friend's 18 year old son was tragically killed in a car wreck to continue my first thread “a blanket of snow.” This thread started with me writing about the death of my mom who passed away from ALS, and I shared things I learned along...
  2. judyroyalglenn

    Happy New Year

    I wanted to wish everyone a blessed and Happy New Year! Much love, ~ Judy
  3. judyroyalglenn

    Happy New Year!

    I wanted to wish the PALS, CALS, and everyone a Happy New Year! Grace, peace, and mercy to you:) God bless! ~ Judy
  4. judyroyalglenn

    A blanket of snow - ALS and dying

    If your mom were taking her final breath would you know to call 911, do CPR, or let her die? I had to let my mom die while I was standing by her side because I knew her 5 Wishes. My mom had ALS and passed away in 2004. I have written a blog from a journal I kept while my mom was ill. I have...