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  1. maryhahnward

    Experience with USAA and accelerated death benefit?

    Are you service-connected yet for ALS? If not find a PVA who will file your claim for you. Among the benefits afforded to you will be a specially adapted housing grant. At this writing the grant is approximately $90,000. A mortgage insurance is offered with the grant. It will directly pay up...
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    Update on Hospice

    Chally, So much love from Tom and I to you and Beth. He says Semper Fi brother. Peace, Mary & Tom
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    1 Month Warning...

    Becky, your strength and love for Matt is incredible. Taking the time you have to share with us throughout this journey has been beyond inspiring. You and Matt are both my heroes and will be forever. Love & Peace, Mary
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    VETERAN Discussion Rating increase R1 to R2

    Generally a R2 rating means the veteran requires skilled care or bowel/bladder assistance. Sometimes a R2 increase is requested it initiates a fiduciary inquiry. "Category R2: For this category, the person helping the veteran must be a licensed medical professional or someone working on behalf...
  5. maryhahnward

    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    Thank you for offering your assistance. Vehicle adaptations - the VA will add any new equipment necessary at any point if the veteran requires them due to their condition. It is not limited in dollar amounts. It based solely on need. This is not subject to the twice in four year period rule...
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    SAH grant

    We stayed as well.
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    HISA loan

    To get approved for the HISA grant you need to ask for it be used for something specific ordered by a VA doc. On the advice of the VA housing agent assigned to my husband he used it after the SAH grant work was completed.
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    Update Survivor Benefits - VA

    Wonderful news, thank you for sharing with us!
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    You're so good and kind Chally. Give my love to your sweetheart!
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    SAH grant

    Lscott71 is on point. Roll in shower, wide doorways to enter and exit the house, a ramp, a sink in which a wheelchair can fit, a higher toilet, most everything else that are VA requirements can be waived for the veteran with ALS. If you can include flooring that is other than carpet that is a...