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  1. KeeKer

    Ken McLeod has passed

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that my Father passed Jan. 3, 2013. :cry:He now can be with his family especailly my little brother Wes. Instead of flowers we requested that all donations be sent to the ALS Society of Canada. Thanks for being my life line all these years. Keeker
  2. KeeKer

    Missing Wes, 3 years now

    I just wanted to put this up as a remembrance of my dear little brother who lost his battle with this horrible disease 3 years ago today. Miss you lots (((((hugs)))) Kee:cry: Wes Memorial #2 - YouTube
  3. KeeKer

    Wes has been gone a year on the 15th

    My beautiful brother will have been gone a year on the 15th. I wanted to put this in as I will be away at a wedding for my nephew. Instead of wedding favors he is giving out cornflowers at the reception and telling everyone he is donating money to ALS instead. It is going to be very hard! Don't...
  4. KeeKer

    Wes McLeod memorial

    YouTube- Wes Memorial #2trying again
  5. KeeKer

    Wes McLeod, memorial

    Here is a ppt. that my nephew did for my brother. He has been gone almost 3 months and I still miss him every day.
  6. KeeKer

    Is this site for real?

    Found this site while looking to donate to ALS. Sounds great, if for real. Should try and get the word out before Christmas if it is!
  7. KeeKer

    Wes McLeod is gone.

    My wonderful brother has passed away. He was diagnosed May 17/2007. He left us on the morning of November 15/2008. He was 48 years old. He was married to Lori for 25 years. They have 2 wonderful children, Justin,19 and Jenna,17. Wes was the most wonderful, kind, caring man! If you ever needed...