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    fALS and poss FTD?

    I was told with the C9 mutation it will either develop into ALS, FTD or both. Some of my family members have the gene, I was fortunate enough to avoid it (I lost my mother in 2021 to ALS).
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    Mother diagnosed

    Sorry to hear about your mom. My family has the C9 gene mutation, my uncle (eldest), my mother and her youngest brother all developed ALS (her youngest has ALS & FTD, recently diagnosed). I lost my mother last November, her symptoms first began in late 2014, and she wasn't diagnosed until mid to...
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    C9 Question

    THanks for the reply Ken15. My sister is going to get the testing done, we're the type of people who need to know, and this morning I just found out another brother of my mother has both dementia & ALS (her eldest brother was the first to pass from ALS). She has one more brother who's 74 this...
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    C9 Question

    I have a question regarding the C9 mutation that wasn't answered in the Familial ALS FAQ section. My mother passed away last year from the "devil's disease" and tested positive for the C9 gene. I completed genetic testing and I was fortunate not to have the mutation. My sister was too afraid to...