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    After 11 weeks of body wide twitching I saw a Neurologist

    I posted a while back and just wanted to update and ask you very knowledgable people what you think. 33 female. After twitching mainly in calf’s and thighs, and sporadically in arms, hands at base of thumb and in line with pinky finger, buttocks, abdomen, back, and sides, neck, for 11 weeks I...
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    Is this a sign of ALS? So anxious I can’t sleep, eat or concentrate on anything else

    I’m almost 34 and female. For the last 3/4 weeks I’ve had muscle twitching that started on my right knee, then by the next few days I was noticing it mainly in my calf’s, thighs, legs in general with the occasional twitch in my neck, lower lip and eyelid, arm even tummy and buttocks! I’ve not...