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    God needed a Santa in Heaven

    Santa Joe was called to heaven Monday August 11. It was a time of sadness but also rejoicing. He was set free from ALS. I had prayed for him to go in his sleep but The Lord didn't answer my prayer instead he gave me a gift. I was able to be with him kiss him tell him how much I loved him and...
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    Condom Catheter

    For all my CALS who have knowledge (nurses) or have put on one of these cussed things, I need help. It is becoming harder -not a good choice of words - more difficult to put on Joe's condom cath. I've been using them for the last couple of months and all of a sudden, I'm having trouble not...
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    I made a decision a few years ago to become the best "caregiver" I could possibly be. To provide loving care and comfort to Santa Joe. I would thank God every night for getting me thru the day and ask that he give me strength and courage for this journey. I have been brutally honest on this...
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    Santa Joe brings ALS awareness to thousands of people

    Hello everyone, I am not sure if you had the opportunity to read my blog. My husband was once a professional Santa at one of our local malls from 2009-2011. He was so good with the children and had planned on being Santa for a long, long time. Unfortunately ALS had other plans. He was...
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    Mucus plugs

    My husband is on a vent and I am dealing with a lot of mucus plugs. I give him plenty of water and mucinex twice a day. I also shoot saline bullets in his trach. Does anyone have any suggestions?