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  1. TomSanti

    Problems with cough assist

    This equipment requires the authorization of a respiratory therapist, you should contact him/her for proper mask fitting and to check the settings on the cough assist.
  2. TomSanti

    Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Question

    I have never had the same blood pressure/heart rate test result twice in a row my entire life. I attribute it to "white coat syndrome" and I never shut up while they are taking the tests. Sorry that probably isn't much help, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it. (In other words, I don't...
  3. TomSanti

    Crappy clinic and trilogy questions

    You are correct in that the trilogy can be more than just a BiPAP. First of all of course as mentioned before it has batteries and can run 8 to 10 hours Without having to be plugged in. The trilogy has Two different modes, one is just a normal BiPAP setting, the other is called "sip and puff"...
  4. TomSanti

    Crappy clinic and trilogy questions

    While we are all different, 70% is a rather high number to be considering a trilogy. I could see perhaps a BiPAP for naps or sleeping at night. Like everyone else I can only share with you my own experience. My PT did not even order a BiPAP until I was right around 50%, perhaps a second...
  5. TomSanti

    My dad was diagnosed with MND two days ago. What to expect?

    Hello Anna, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. You stated in your subject line that he was actually diagnosed two days ago, but unless I missed something, I could not verify that in any of your posts. It sounds to me like your dad may have also had a series of small strokes, sometimes...
  6. TomSanti

    Drinking Solution

    The fleximug arrived yesterday (only took a little over three weeks) it is a great item, keeps my water cold all day long. It does take a fair amount of suction to be able to drink from this thing, as was noted by a previous poster, if you have difficulty with a regular straw, the fleximug will...
  7. TomSanti

    Does this sound like ALS? Very confused and concerned.

    Andy, first of all Dr. Google does not have an MD, So stop listening to him. ALS is very rare in Someone your age as you well know. I am not exactly sure what a PCP is so I've got no idea what kind of advice you're getting there either. The only person that can diagnose ALS is a neurologist...
  8. TomSanti

    Easy way to donate

    arrgh! I just burned through a $300 Amazon gift card
  9. TomSanti

    Worried If This is ALS

    Krisamba, I am not trying to be rude or insensitive, but I notice the letters MD Do not follow your name. You are not qualified to examine your self, if you seriously believe that you have a MND, then you need to make an appointment with a neurologist that specializes in this area. Most...
  10. TomSanti

    With sadness

    I am so very sorry for your loss, it is never ever easy to say goodbye. It is my prayer that you and your family take comfort in knowing that Harry is in the presence of the Lord and free from ALS,, doing all those things that he loved to do prior to becoming sick. I pray peace, grace...