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    PEG stuff just keeps happening

    Thanks for sharing your Mom's experience, Jellycat. The amount of leakage is hard to tell, but it at least wetted the gaze and part of shirt. The doctor just came over and changed the tube several days ago before the leak, because the old tube's balloon was deflated. Can we take some care or...
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    PEG stuff just keeps happening

    Harold, what did you do to make leakage go away. My Dad lately had some leakage around the PEG tube which made all the gaze and part of shirt wet. We try to change the gaze more. But the leakage keeps coming out around the tube. Thanks for any advice.
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    BethU in the LA Times

    I read Beth's story on LA times web site this morning. It was inspirational. I have been reading Beth's posting on this forum for a couple of years. And my Dad saw the same Doctor at UCLA. Beth is truely a remarkable lady.
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    Chinese Herbal Medicines

    I know each PALS is different. But from my Dad's experience, neither Chinese herbal nor acupuncture helped. We tried several Chinese Medicine doctors in China, Los Angeles, and Florida. None of them helped to slow down the progression of ALS. To be fair, Chinese Herbal did help him relieve his...
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    Help on in home alert communication device

    Thanks, Joel. Looks like that it might work with a mounting kit. I will look into it. BTW, do you happen to know if anyone tried it before? Thanks!
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    Help on in home alert communication device

    I called our local ALSA chapter here. They don't have anything that meets my description.
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    Help on in home alert communication device

    Al, thanks for the link! I went through Joel's three devices. None of them helps for my Dad's case, since he can no longer move his head anymore. BrianD, thank you for your suggestion. Yes, something that can be activated by the eyes is the only option for this case. Is the eye gaze a part of...
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    Help on in home alert communication device

    I am looking for a simple in home alert or notification device for my Dad. My Dad is in late stage of ALS. He cannot move any his extremities, arms, hands, fingers, or legs, so push button type of device is not useful. He cannot talk or make loud enough sound. He could whisper in very faint...
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    PEG tube cleaning brush

    Barry, thanks for the info! I will google to find a brush for 16Fr g-tube.
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    Cough assist mask

    Thanks, kelly! I searched over internet for adult face mask and found some adult anesthesia face mask looks almost the same as the cough assist mask, $40 for a case of 20.