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    :cry: My husband passed away last night way before he was supposed to. Tha'ts not fair the signs were there that it was coming we just weren't ready yet. He has left behind myself 2 young girls and many family and friends who loved him very much. Thank you all for being here your post and...
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    My husband starts his Lithium today and then in a couple of weeks he will start on the riluzole. After speaking to Dr. White from the ALS clinic in Calgary my husband was warned strongly not to put to much trust in the Paitents Like me forum he said that they were aware of some that were posing...
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    Season Greetings to all. Almost every morning I try to read the latest threads, it's helps me stay grounded and with it instead of feeling like I am floating through a nightmare by myself. To know that you are not alone in your struggles is truly a comfort. Our next wave of company is here then...