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    Help on in home alert communication device

    I am looking for a simple in home alert or notification device for my Dad. My Dad is in late stage of ALS. He cannot move any his extremities, arms, hands, fingers, or legs, so push button type of device is not useful. He cannot talk or make loud enough sound. He could whisper in very faint...
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    Cough assist mask

    My Dad uses cough assist everyday to help him cough. We have to clean the mask several times a day. After a couple of weeks, the silicon seal gets harden and fails to fit and seal around the mouth. We use regular dishwasher liquid to clean it. Does anybody has good suggestion on how to clean it...
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    Do I need to buy a backup BiPAP machine?

    My father have to use BiPAP machine (Resmed VPAP III ST) 24 hours now. I am worrying about how reliable the machine is. Do I need to buy a backup BiPAP for him? The first was covered by insurance. I think we have to pay out of our own pocket for the backup. Could anyone tell me where I can buy a...
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    Heart racing after feeding through G-tube

    My Dad (PALS) had a G-tube placed about a month ago. Since last week, he has experienced some episodes of discomfort with symptoms like increased heart rate from 60 to 90 per minute and sweating, about 10 minutes after feeding through the G-tube. It lasted about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Then...
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    Failed PEG insetion

    I took my Father to have the PEG tube inserted this morning. After around 40 minutes in the OR, the interventional radiologist came out and told me that he failed to insert the tube. He suggested that we see a GI doctor and get the feeding tube inserted through gastroscopy or through surgery. I...